Ultra Light Aircraft

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Big boys play with big toys.  This is an "EARTH STAR ODYSSEY" Ultralight aircraft is powered by an HPT modified 503 cc twin Rotax engine.  This is not a toy, this craft has flown to almost every state in USA.  The Ceiling limit is up to 17,500 feet and top speed of up to 120 mph.

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Above: This Rotax 503 cc air cooled twin cylinder engine is the driving force behind a 68 inch variable pitch propeller which is driven by a 3:1 reduction gear box.


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Above: Propeller assembly employs electrically driven servo motor to adjust the pitch of the propeller during take off and during flight conditions.  This unit is manufactured by Ivo Zoarski who managed to escape from Russian occupied Czechoslovakia back in 1984.  Ivo, built a light duty aircraft using a small engine from a Russian automobile which literally propelled him to his freedom using low altitude flight technique.

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Rotax 503 cc air cool engine uses twin plug cylinder head.  The shape of this combustion chamber is difficult to reconstruct but, I enjoy challenging work.  Each head was  re machined to original shape within +/- 0.2 cc. Aircraft engine must deliver a wide power band.  Plenty of torque at a relatively low rpm is mandatory.
HPT modified Rotax data:
Bore 73.5 mm. Stroke 61 mm. Rud 120 mm.
Operating rpm range 6000 to 6800 rpm.
Target 6000 rpm.
Piston speed 2401 feet/ min
Exhaust TA 14.8442.
Blow down TA 9.132.
BMEP 162 lbs, at 6000 rpm.
Compression FULL 11.25:1. CORRECTED 6.55:1.
Squish MSV 15.8 m/sec.
Transfers staggered, set up for Upper- Mid Range H.P.
Band width 3800 rpm.
Operating range 4200 to 8000 rpm.

Propeller speed limit 2100 rpm. Be for going super sonic.

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Engine installation at air port.

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Engine brake in

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Pre fligt test

This Ultra light Aircraft is not a toy

Above: Tommy Hill. Pilot instructor, has flown in almost every state in USA, including many trips over the Rocky Mountains.


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This machine is bit faster then Ultra light