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Technical articles previously published in Personal Watercraft Illustrated magazine.

Contents of these articles are old but not obsolete. Updates will follow with new projects.

Disclamer:  Technical data is difficult to translate into English.  Errors may occur.

Fuel and Induction

The Juice
Suck It Up
Fire It Up
Slippin' and Slidin'
George's Gas Class


The Engine Block

Power Head
Right on Time
Blowing it Wide Open
Keep on Pulling
Flow Like a River
Let it Flow
Going With the Flow
Cylinder Mapping Before Porting



Pipe Dreams
Tuned Pipes
Hot Stuff
Do You Have a Problem


Shop and Service

Wheels on Water
Crank That Thing Up
Get it Right
To Stroke or Not To Stroke
Speed Lab 101
Keepin' Warm and Dry


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