Owned and operated by George Grabowski, High Performance Tuning is a custom precision engine building facility. Engine design  techniques are taught by George personally in his two stroke computer-aided design school. Machining procedures are taught upon request in addition to shop services. Training is one-on-one, a unique asset not commonly found today. Students comment that they have received more insight in HPT's three day training course than in years of on-the-job training.

Modifications to a modern power plant require high tech knowledge on an engineering level, which HPT Sports provides. After investing over $5000 in a motocross bike or $7000 in a personal watercraft or $9000 in a snowmobile, would you want anyone "experimenting" with modifications? Modern technology is reaching a high degree of precision, with digital ignitions, precisely controlled fuel injection, multi carburetion, and high horsepower output exhaust systems as just a few examples. The proper selection of heads, correct compression ratios, port time areas, impellers, nozzles, intake grates and ride plates is critical. This technology demands knowledge to produce desired results. Unfortunately many people have been taken advantage of by so-called "professionals" who are quick to advise on the selection of a product or application that yields a negative effect on overall performance, often resulting in blown engines.

HPT's owner has invested over 40 years in engine building and machine shop techniques. Having had the privilege to work beside the most talented people in the industry has allowed Mr. Grabowski to select products that perform. This investment has qualified him to design and build your power plant, whether used for sport or race, to outlast and outperform the competition. His technical ability and precision in using flow bench and dyno technology, coupled with countless hours of field testing and racing, produces results.

Many tuners, in building their machines to compete disregard longevity and dependability, to the dismay of their budget. At HPT, special attention provides dependable high performance service. Our goal is to get you the most for your money.  People ranging from mechanics to business owners have expressed their gratitude regarding HPT's school, and George's willingness to share information in person and through his technical articles in Personal Watercraft Illustrated.

In need of an answer? Crucial technical decision? Confer with an expert in two stroke theory and design. George at HPT Sports wishes to thank his many business associates for their excellent products and support. Boyesen, Coffman's, Falicon, Factory Pipe, Jet Dynamics, MSD, MRD, Mikuni, PWCI, Skat-Trak, TSR software, VP Racing Fuels, and Wiseco. Many thanks to the racers, teammates, and especially you, the competitor, who make it all possible. Happy motoring.

George Grabowski HPT Sports USA

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