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To George Grabowski HPT Sport USA

I live in Memphis TN. I had a wonderful 1999 and 2000 season. I race in Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia. This area requires lots of adjustability with my race set up. George, your machine shop service and HPT modified 46 mm carburetors have provided me with excellent power and the acceleration I need. Your 46 mm carburetors give me all the adjustability you could ever need, in race carb set up.  They are a joy to tune at each race track. Your assistance made much easier to secure #1 spot in my class and qualification to a world finals.

Tommy Smith # 134 NOVICE 785 See Doo XP


My name is Daniel Langluis I'm the owner of Maritime Dyno LTD  in N.B. Canada. I build and race snowmobile machines. After attending 3 day HPT Sport USA school. I say it was worth every dollar. The knowledge gained from George is simply outstanding.


I say George Grabowski HPT Sport USA. Is one of the best tuner machinist, period.

John Emormino, Downers Grove IL



This is an overview of my attendance of the HPT School

George Grabowski's High performance is in-depth, intense schooling program set in a home style, family type environment. George will tutor you in two stroke engine design and invite you into healthier life style. Accommodations are included in the price of the program. It is a bed and breakfast type atmosphere. I can say that I received more for every penny then I ever imagined. Schooling is one on one, so George is entirely devoted to YOUR advancement. During the training, we evaluated several engine design using computer aided programs. We confirmed crank indexing, port configuration, cylinder head design, combustion chamber profile, squish velocity, transfer flow angles, transfer port roof angles. I learned how to change angles to accomplish different power bands. I learned how to make proper design sketches, and machining procedure, flow bench application, how to port cylinders to great accuracy.  We altered  my personal cylinders, and heads which represents even greater savings to me. George showed me how to re-profile virtually any cylinder combustion chamber. I use to spent many hours polishing ports. George introduced me to short cuts which reduced my work to great extent. I learned how to prep and ceramic coat pistons, how to make jigs, measuring devices, and fixtures which will save time and money in my shop. If you truly wish to advance your personal development, in two stroke tuning and machining. HPT Sport is the way to go.

Held in high regards Todd Lasko Snow Mobil Racer   Engine builder Manitoba Canada.